Our Mission

The World Preservation Foundation (WPF) has embarked on a mission to plant 1 Billion trees a year and create educational programs that impart knowledge and inspire meaningful action to safeguard our planet against environmental degradation.

Positive benefits from your participation

Restoring forests and granting sustainable livelihoods to impoverished populations in Haiti, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Nepal.

Reduces poverty by employing locals to plant trees.

For every tree you plant carbon is offset from the atmosphere back to the soil for the many decades.

Educating individuals to become environmental ambassadors.

Planting One Billion Trees

Benefits of re-planting forests

Restored biodiversity and animal habitats.

Improved water security and water quality.

Restoration of rainfall patterns.

Prevention of soil erosion from floods.

Decreases poverty and improves quality of life.

How is the WPF and Eden Projects campaign helping save and improve lives?

Reduces poverty by employing locals to plant trees.

Restoring forests and granting sustainable livelihoods to impoverished populations in Kenya through partnership with Veritree.

Planting millions of trees a year greatly offsets carbon from the atmosphere back to the soil.

Implementing new technologies that enhance how we learn, enabling us to educate more effectively.

Identifying areas in the world where environmental refugees are increasing due to desertification and develop new reforestation projects.

Benefits of WPF educational programs

Creates greater awareness on the leading causes of environmental destruction and solutions to tackle them.

Implementation of a comprehensive solution to halt and reverse global warming.

Increasing public participation to take action on critical environmental issues.

Implementing new environmental solutions and innovations using the latest technologies.

How is your pledge used?

For each 30¢ pledged, one tree is planted with a portion going to educate a new generation of environmental ambassadors as well as expanding the project to have a greater impact.

  • 30c plants one tree

  • 5c towards education

Environmental education

Schools and university programs.

Grassroots training programs.

Building a network of environmental ambassadors.

Increasing awareness on the leading causes and solutions to climate change.

I want to sign-up, how does it work?

  • Use the tool below to determine your monthly contribution.

  • We will send you an email to complete your donor account creation. With this account you can make changes to your monthly subscription, or pause and resume your plan at any time.

Note: Only businesses that are wholly Plant-based will be accepted.

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Informing your customers – how we will help you

Your restaurant or business will be listed on our website for participating businesses.

We will create website banners and social media copy for you to post and share with your customers.

We will provide you with posters, stickers and logos to use with your online and print media.

We will provide you with marketing ideas on how to reach out to more people.

Participating restaurants and businesses

Participating restaurants and businesses